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Welcome to the city of Mioveni. Mioveni continues the tradition of its predecessors, developing both the economy, agriculture and services to the public, as well as the spiritual life. It represents a separate area in Romania, being a bridge between past, present and future, and between Romania and Europe. With a strong economy, with great human potential and benefiting from significant natural resources, Mioveni is one of the top towns in the country, in terms of economic growth, and has real prospects to continue developing in a sustained manner in all spheres of social life. The traditional Romanian hospitable lands marked with beauty and appeal of Argeş County’s, the economic potential, represent indisputable arguments for the inclusion of this city on the map of priorities, such as investment from our future internal and external partners.

Mioveni is situated in the center of Argeş County, 16 kms from Piteşti, and 125 km from the capital of the country (Bucureşti), on DN 71 Piteşti – Câmpulung Muscel. It is located in the large geotectonic Subcarphatian unit called the Getic Depression, and from a morphological point-of-view, in the Eastern terminal zone of Cotmeana Platform. It is bordered by the following territories:

- The commune Davideşti and the commune Ţiţeşti;

- Ştefăneşti City;

- The commune Călineşti;

- The communes Dârmăneşti, Miceşti şi Mărăcineni.

The city of Mioveni is located in the Getic Plateau, the contact zone between the Argeş hills and Cândeşti Platform, the central part of the Argeş County. As type of relief, the town is situated in the Arges basin, on the left bank of Argesel, 2.5 km from its confluence with the Târgul River. It’s located in the foothills of Valea Mare Forest – Colibaşi, the southern extension with the Vieroşi and Ştefăneşti hills; the altitude at which the city of Mioveni is located is between +425 m and +325 m.

The town covers an area of 5,097 hectares and comprises the neighbourhoods Mioveni, Colibaşi and Racoviţa, Clucereasa and Faget. In 2010, the municipality’s intravilan territory occupied 790.25 hectares, representing 15.5% of total administrative territory. In April 2010, by HCL 32/15.04.2010 approved passage of another 733 ha plot. Thus, the current area of the city comprises an area of 1523.25 ha, 51% higher than in 2010. By the end of this year it will be pass to another urban area of 51 ha, 3 PUZ for residential areas and complementary functions, a district PUZ Colibaşi, II Colibaşi PUZ-Faget, and Colibaşi-Râul Doamnei area.

Mioveni has a history of over 500 years. The first documentation was, as historical records shows, in 1485. Its name comes from a local prince, Mihu (Mihov Slavonic) Mihoveni (Mioveni), making direct reference to the inhabitants of this social formation. The process of industrialization and urbanization in the communist period, namely the establishment of two major enterprises, the Car Factory and the Nuclear Research Institute led to the destruction of indigenous and rural households and led to creating block of flats for new tenants, employees from different areas of Arges and Muscelul. But more than the destruction of the center of the village, industrialization has produced serious problems among the locals who fought for the preservation of cultural identity and historical traditions of this space.

Until 1989, the current status of Mioveni was a suburban community of Pitesti city and it was called Colibaşi. On April 19, 1989, by presidential decree, it became Colibaşi town. Then, by Law 35/18 May 1996 issued by the Romanian Parliament and published in the Official No. 102 of 20 May 1996, City Colibaşi returns to the old name, Mioveni.

Mioveni displays representations of the outstanding beauty of our landscape, the tremendous growth potential, and our rich cultural and religious heritage. On behalf of the residents of this city, we invite you to discover the beauty; we invite you to discover us.

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