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Carrying out this activity has a determinate role in education, orientation and training of the young generation (only for those who have musical skills, rhythm, hearing music, musical memory). The steps to become an instrumentalist are: the first important issue is to test young eager to learn a wind instrument (usually middle school and high school).

The description of the tool that each young chooses (the instrument history, extent and timbre of the instrument). The Initiation (the first lessons which start the learning activity), the stage in which the teacher sings in the front of the student several parts from different famous songs, this practical example playing a very important role for the decision and the ambition of the student.

Students are taught to sing only after scores (notes explained in detail by the teacher beginning with the whole note to the fine details at the moment in which the student is able to understand) and not otherwise, while the teacher deals with the theoretical part which is the musical alphabet (scales, technical studies, theoretical details).

Brass and reed instruments present a high degree of difficulty. For a student it is very difficult at the beginning, this being the reason why many students give up after a certain period of time, and for the teacher is painful that after a while the student makes efforts alongside the teacher to progress, student quit because he doesnĺt find the strength to continue, and his only excuse is that " teacher is hard."

A student who is eager to learn an instrument reaches to a minimum performance after about 2,3 years of intense study. At that moment he can sing in a band of professionals as a novice. Besides the band at my initiative (M. Iliu?a). I have established a popular singing course, course frequented by young loving folk, carefully selected according to their qualities.



Profesor Marin Iliu?a



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