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Founded in 2005 under the governance of Local Council Mioveni the entire Plai de Dor, has been operating in the Cultural Center since 2007, one of the main concerns of the Centre is to support and  to promote traditional culture but also the support and the promotion of  young dancers and students in our city, vocalists or instrumentalists.

Plai de Dor - a group comprising 40 young members aged between 16 and 24 years, participated in many competitions and festivals both locally and nationally (Festival Gheorghe Popescu County, Brâul de la Boteni, Cocoşul de Hurez, commune days of Vultureşti, days of Arefu, Garofiţa Pietrei Craiului Folklore Festival - Braşov, Argeş and Muscel holidays) and international Folklore Festival like Petrich Bulgaria in 2008 and 2009, the Folk Festival in Turkey in Ankara Mamak 2010 and 2011 Landerneau Folk Festival in France in 2011.

Since its founding, the ensemble is led by Mr. Cătălin Oancea, now the ensemble’s professional choreographer of C.J.C.P.C.T. Argeş.

Costumes beauty and the young members assigns a major mark to the ensemble by interpreting folk dance suites from Argeş, accompanied by the Band Oltenia Muscel and the Cultural Center.




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